Moab Charter School Board of Directors

Moab Charter School is carefully governed by an elected board made up of community members and parents. The board meets monthly in a meeting open to the public which is held in the Moab Charter School cafeteria, located at 358 East 300 South typically on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:15 pm (see schedule below). Please call the school at 259-2277 for up-to-date information on meeting times, if you would like to be placed on the agenda for community input, or to attend the meeting. 

Board Officers

Chair - Jen Patterson (
Vice-Chair - Liz Dana Han (
Treasurer - Rob Walker (
Secretary - Jen Patterson (

Board Members

General School Board Contact


Board Meeting  Agenda


Community Council

Per Board Rule >>> MCS' School Board serves as our Community Council. 

MCS Charter

• Charter Agreement
• Charter Application
Board Bylaws