Budget Reports

Charter Schools are not required to post financial data on the school's website. However, budget reports are regularly presented and discussed at the monthly board meetings. An annual operating budget is typically approved in June/July of each year with the fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30. After students counts that determine funding are finalized on October 1, the budget is typically revised based on the real funding numbers (and not just projections) and approved by the board in Nov/December. The board also approves a year-end budget after data has been finalized at the completion of the fiscal year. General school financial data is also available on the state website. If any parent, donor, or interested community member is curious about Moab Charter School's finances, please inquire with the MCS Director and the MCS Governing Board Officers.

MCS currently employs Charter Solutions to handle its business oversight. Charter Solutions works closely with the MCS Governing Board and the MCS Director to manage day-to-day fiscal operations. Monthly reports are provided and reviewed at each board meeting.