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Carrie Ann Smith




15+ years

Carrie Ann began her teaching career at age 16 teaching dance. She attended Western Michigan University where she studied classical dance.  After college, she continued to teach dance and was a member of a regional modern dance company in Grand Rapids, MI.  In 2002, she lit out for the west: moving to Bozeman, MT to teach dance and perform with the Ice Dogs Ice Hockey Dance Team.  In 2004, Carrie Ann finally listened to her father, who told her she’d be a great teacher and began her studies at Montana State University in Elementary Education.  While in MT she taught 5th, 4th, and 2nd grade.  In 2014 she heard the desert calling and moved to Moab to teach kindergarten at MCS.  She LOVED the 4 years she spent teaching and has been the Director for the past three years. She will finish her master's degree in school administration in the spring of 2021.  When not at school, Carrie Ann loves spending time in the great outdoors with her kiddo.

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Yuli George

Administrative Assistant

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Mrs. Rosie Boone




16+ years

Mrs. Cadie Richardson

1st Grade

Ms. Rosie is originally from Illinois. She has always loved being outdoors and this love led her to pursue a career in outdoor education. She got her degree in Outdoor Recreation from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and has worked in many places around the country.


After getting her degree in 1992 she worked as a youth-at-risk, wilderness instructor, a Wilderness Education Association instructor, a ski instructor for 3-6 year olds, a raft guide, an outdoor adventure program manager for Touch of Nature Environmental Center and Four Corners School of Outdoor Education, Southwest EdVentures. 


Rosie joined Moab Charter School in its earliest years where she discovered her love of teaching young children. That realization led her to become the K-2nd grade teacher at Paradox Valley School where she worked for thirteen years and became a certified  elementary education teacher. Rosie recently returned to Moab  Charter School and teaches Kindergarten. Being a teacher and working with children has been one of the greatest gifts in Rosie’s life. 


Rosie is a fiber arts enthusiast and, with her sister, owns and operates Desert Thread Yarn Shop & Fiber Arts Gallery in downtown Moab. Rosie enjoys working in her home studio where she works as a feltmaker.  She loves going home to her house in Old La Sal where she lives at the base of the mountains with her husband and dog. She tries to get outdoors as often as possible and spends as much time as she can floating down rivers with family and friends.

Ms. Kim Mogensen

2nd Grade

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Ms. Krissy Post

3rd Grade

Miss Krissy originally hails from Homer, Alaska but has been (mostly) in Moab since 2007.  She has a B.A. in Environmental Education and an M.A. in Elementary Ed. She found her way into the classroom after working as a backcountry ranger with the N.P.S., doing fieldwork with bears and fish in Alaska, working countless years as a bookseller and running after-school programs with BEACON.  Krissy began teaching at MCS in 2014 and has since taught 3rd - 6th grade here and in Alaska.  When she's not at school she can be found wandering around canyons, making art or reading. Miss Krissy's goals are to build a sense of curiosity & independence in her students and her favorite parts of teaching are the big messy art projects, science Fridays and, of course, reading. The best days are a mix of all three.

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Ms. Carrie Ann Smith

4th Grade

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Teacher Katy Robertson

5th/6th Grade team

Ms. Kris Marsh

5th/6th Grade team

Liz McNair


Ms. Liz's biography

Tamara Frieda


Ms. Tamara's biography.

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Murice Miller

Information Technology and Facilities Coordinator

Murice Damion Miller is a husband, a father, an author and an entrepreneur, described as having a real talent for creativity, innovation and accomplishment. He was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, WI and has lived in multiple locations across the United States such as New York, and Alabama. He and his family (wife Valencia, son Jedidiah, daughter Jaidah) currently live in Moab, Utah. He is a photographer with the Moab Area Real Estate Magazine, and  he is excited to assist the staff at the Moab Charter School as we daily work together to be a blessing to our students.

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Natalie Olsen


Since a child, Natalie has been interested in people, what makes them tick, and how to alleviate and understand human suffering.  In college she discovered the Social Work program at Utah State University in Logan and knew she had found her passion. During her undergrad years, she worked as a Resident Assistant over the international student dorms, volunteered at the local abuse shelter, and worked as an employment counselor at Workforce Services.  Upon completing her degree in Logan, she moved to Salt Lake City, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah, and worked with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence at Cornerstone Counseling.  She then moved to Omaha, Nebraska with her husband, while he attended Pharmacy School.  In 2010, her husband was offered a job in Moab, and they jumped at the chance to move back to the west.  Natalie has four great, smart, crazy, unique, curious kids- probably a lot like yours. She has enjoyed spending the past decade working, learning and growing as a stay-at-home mom. She is now looking forward to jumping back into the social work field and learning from and connecting with the kids at MCS. 

Candice Gary

Special Education

Candice is a Moab native. She grew up in SLC and worked in pharmacy for fifteen years before returning to college. She earned her degree in ceramics and sculpture in 2017 from Dixie State University. She moved back to Moab after graduation to be the primary caretaker for her grandfather. When he passed, Candice decided to pursue a job at MCS and has decided to make education her career. She enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and plein aire painting and has intentions to make pottery again, one day...

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Cassandra McDougall

Behavior Para-Educator

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Aimee Strevay

Food Service Coordinator

Ms. Brenda Sanchez

ELA/Title 1 Paraprofessional

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Tara Tepas

Kindergarten Paraprofessional

Chris Cleveland

SpEd para

Hello, I’m a local of nearly 18 years, having moved here from California on my tenth birthday. I graduated from Grand County High School in 2012 with honors and a 3.8 GPA and graduated Dixie State University, five years later, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies Teaching with a Secondary Education Licensure. I have worked at local restaurants as a busser and a dishwasher, I even spent nine months as a part-time caregiver for the elderly and physically disabled, beginning last summer and ending in March of this year. But now, I am happy to say that when I’m not a paraprofessional I work with BEACON Afterschool program as an enrichment leader and I am also affiliated with Grand Area Mentoring. However, I really enjoy working with kids in the education system, particularly Special Education. When I’m off the clock, I love to read, walk about town, and practice five types of martial arts. I hold rank in Isshin-Ryu Karate, Bojutsu, I train in two forms of Tai Chi and I began learning a Chinese Kung Fu called Baguazhong. I’m a big Star Wars fan but I also enjoy the works of Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien, James Clavell, and Stephen King among others. 

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